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Derma Roller

The Dermaroller is a small plastic roller studded with about 200 extremely fine needles of medical grade stainless steel. The skin reacts to these pricks like it reacts to any other wound with the formation of the various growth factors. This process of stimulating collagen tissue production is a normal physiological reaction and is known as  Collagen Induction Therapy
The cumulative effect of multiple uniform needle pricks on the skin surface  has significant effects on the quantity and quality of collagen in the skin. The new collagen layer becomes a confluent layer, and forms a new tissue layer, which to a certain extent can compensate the age-degraded skin..

Indications for Microneedling / Dermaroller Therapy 

  1. Rejuvenation: skin tightening, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

  2. Meso-Glow: administration of vitamins and other agents for anti-ageing

  3. Acne Scar Reduction: reduce depth of permanent acne scars and pits

  4. Stretch Mark Reduction

  5. Stimulation of Hair Growth (Premature Balding)

  6. Skin Whitening (Melasma)

  7. Skin Tightening

Advantages of Collagen Induction Therapy 

  1. Minimal risks

  2. Cost Effective

  3. Short healing period

  4. No permanent skin damage

  5. No increase in sun sensitivity

  6. Performed under topical anaesthesia

  7. All skin types can be treated

  8. Thin or pre-lasered skin can be treated

  9. Body produces natural collagen for long-lasting results

  10. Enhanced penetration of applied products

Q: What is Dermaroller / Microneedling Therapy?

A: It is a sterile medical device which works by producing thousands of microscopic needle columns in the skin which stimulates natural healing and regeneration of the skin.

Q: What are the benefits of Dermaroller Therapy?

A: - It can significantly improve the appearance of acne scars, ageing and sun damaged skin, facial lines and wrinkles and stretch marks. The natural regeneration and repair takes time as new collagen is formed, new skin cells are generated and the blood supply is enhanced.

Q: Who is the ideal patient for Dermaroller Therapy?

A: If you are healthy, without active skin infections or cold sores, are not pregnant or breast feeding and would like to improve acne scars, sun damaged skin, facial lines and wrinkles or stretch marks, then Dermaroller  is suitable for you. The face, neck and décolleté can be treated as well as scars or stretch marks on the body. It is suitable for all skin types. Four treatments are recommended at 3- 4 weekly intervals to achieve optimum results.

Q: Does Dermaroller Therapy require a general anaesthetic or hospitalisation?

A: Dermaroller Therapy is performed using local anaesthetic cream in an out-patient setting in our procedure room without the need of hospitalisation.

Q: How long is the Dermaroller treatment?

A: The treatment normally takes about 30 minutes.

Q: How long is the recovery time?

A: Your skin will be mild to moderately red – like sunburn, for 2- 3 days. It will feel warm and tighter immediately following your Dermaroller treatment which lasts for 2 – 4 hours. You should avoid make-up for 24 hours but can use minimall make-up after 12 hours if necessary. Patients can go back to their normal activities in next couple of days. The only main precaution to be followed is the strict sun protection during the procedure time.

Q: What about the results?

A: The results are first and foremost natural. As the Dermaroller acts by stimulating the skins’ natural healing and repair, there is a gradual improvement in the appearance and feel of the skin over 4 – 6 weeks. This process continues for up to 3 months. Depending on the area being treated, such as acne scars or stretch marks, additional treatments may be recommended to achieve the optimum results.

Q: How long do the results last?

A: The results of Dermaroller Therapy will be long lasting. However, it is important to recognise that with the natural regeneration and healing of the skin, the aging process is not stopped, it is reversed somewhat, but does continue. Therefore, maintenance treatments may be recommended.

Q: What are the risks / side effects of Dermaroller Therapy?

A: The risks of treatment with the Dermaroller are very low. Some prolonged redness may occur but is rare. Infection is also rare as the skin normally heals very quickly after Dermaroller treatment. Hyper-pigmentation is very uncommon following this treatment as no epidermis is removed. Patients who have a risk of hyper-pigmentation will benefit from a course of skin preparation prior to Dermaroller Therapy. Mild bruising may occur especially around the eyes. This is usually mild and resolves in 5 – 7 days.

Q: Is Dermaroller Therapy an alternative to a LASER treatment?

A: Yes! Dermaroller Therapy is a good alternating to fractionated LASER resurfacing especially for patients who do not want the longer recovery of LASER treatments and also for certain skin types where LASER treatment has a risk for pigmentation changes. But i always feel Dermaroller therapy should be in combination with other procedures like LASER or Chemical peels.